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Professional Training To Positively Help Your Workplace

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Business training that will impact on the job productivity

Does this sound familiar?

Your business? Amazing. Your office/location? Flawless. The service you provide? Incredible. But despite everything, you’re finding yourself with struggling managers, underdeveloped team-members and worst of all, high staff attrition.

Having the most stellar company in the world doesn’t mean anything if your team members can’t communicate properly. But every problem can be solved, and here at MadeYou we’re precision problem solvers!

Here’s who we’ve helped already

MadeYou Grow is a professional business and management training provider dedicated to developing vital soft skills in the workplace. Our A-list trainers – Luke, Kelly & Richard – have a combined 75 years’ experience in operations, and have worked with some of the hottest brands in and out of Europe.


Would like to thank Kelly McSherry who is a true professional. Kelly helped me to overcome my fears to present in front of a large audience. With the tricks he taught me he turned a fear into an amazing experience. Thank you!! Alison Schembri – Marketing Research Manager – GO Plc

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Working with MadeYou has been an exciting experience I would recommend to all fast growing and agile companies. We’d been looking for a training and development company to partner with for some time and when I met with Luke and Kelly in 2017 it was the beginning of a wonderful relationship that made my daily job and annual goals fun and easily reachable. Their informal and professional approach and the deep understanding of what we need as a business completely supported us in designing training sessions and workshops that helped to develop our managers and rising talent to perform at a higher level in their roles. We recently launched a customised program to develop our leaders of tomorrow for 2019/20 incorporating 1-2-1 coaching, training sessions and career coaching, it is a fantastic opportunity to invest in our people and help our top talent be the best they can. Claudia Ginex  – Head of Human Resources – Gaming Innovation Group

I’ve had the pleasure of participating in several workshops with Luke, Kelly and Richard – apart from super engaging, we had a lot of fun and learned loads! definitely recommend! Sophie Van Acker – Human Resources Manager – Xcaliber

We sent one of our managers for Coaching and the transformation was amazing. This manager is now performing at a much higher level with improved communication skills that are compelling. Prior to coaching this was not the case. Even after one session we saw a change in behaviour, I’m a huge fan of coaching and would highly recommend Luke and Kelly. Sharon Sale – Human Resources Manager – PaddyPower BetFair

Here’s a teaser of what we offer

From your most seasoned and loyal manager, to the fresh hire that’s making waves, everyone can benefit from professional development. MadeYou Grow offers a huge variety of business training options, and we’re always hard at work researching and updating our catalogue of courses. The most popular of which are:

Sessions can be performed internally, with only your employees present; or externally, where workers from a number of companies can attend and mix.

Why should you invest in the professional training?

You might be asking yourself,

“But what if we spend all that time and money training them, and then they leave?”
They’ll go to their new employer with a positive attitude about you (and good word-of-mouth from an ex-employee is like gold dust).

But more importantly… what if you don’t train them, and they stay?

Properly developed human communication tools will help your business thrive! Investing in your employees through training increases retention, lowers employee turnover, and builds morale and loyalty.

Develop your skills, Develop your team, Develop your Future

If you’re looking for fun, forward thinking, and professional business training, come give MadeYou Grow a try today!

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