MadeYou - Project and Stakeholder Management Training
MadeYou is a training and development consultancy, offering a unique combination of skills, experience, and expertise which will blow your mind but not your budget. Our purpose is to share our expertise, improve people's lives and make businesses stronger, by helping you add value to your organisation.
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Keep Calm It’s Only a Project


Duration: 3 sessions, 3.5 hours each


This course is designed for delegates to develop their communication skills in relation to managing stakeholders and projects across various departments and levels.


Here’s an overview of what we cover:


Day 1

  • Communication skills and assertive behaviour
  • Confidence and listening for cues
  • Introduction to the RASCI model of project management (responsible, accountable, supportive, consulted and informed stakeholders)


Day 2

  • How to identify your stakeholders
  • Profiling stakeholders
  • Managing stakeholders expectations
  • Tips on getting only relevant input
  • Using business language with stakeholders


Day 3

  • Building communication plans around stakeholders
  • Managing timelines through project plans


project management training, stakeholder management, project management“I found the course to be very interesting. The RASCI was something I never had the opportunity to explore before and now that I got back to work with this knowledge, I am able to relate to it more effectively.

Before I attended, I did not expect such informative and fun training (as I am usually quite bored with informatory trainings) but you managed to change this around. The activities were truly fun, especially the A3 paper one that showed how important clear and simple communication is. Finally, I would definitely consider attending another one with MadeYou.”


Alexia Frendo – Customer & Investor Relations – Malta International Airport


Learning outcomes:


  • How to identify key stakeholders
  • Focus on communication being the key to success
  • The RASCI model (Responsible, Accountable, Supportive, Consulted, Informed) and it’s benefits
  • How RASCI can apply to any project and provide structure
  • What, when and how to communicate to stakeholders
  • Dealing with emotional/irrational stakeholders


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