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Give your social and digital a shot in the arm

When you look at your business’s social media accounts what do you feel like? Excited? Satisfied? Energised? You do? Great! We love it!


Or, do you look at your social and sigh? Do your business’s social media accounts leave you feeing frustrated? Impatient? Disappointed, even? Are you not getting the return on investment (ROI) that you are looking for? Maybe your social content all just a bit too predictable, well, boring even?


If that’s the case then, hello there! Please talk to us today because, here at MadeYou Smile, sizzling hot, scroller-stopping social media content for all your social media marketing needs is absolutely what we are about.


Social media is all about relationships and, without any doubt, the most important relationship of all is between you the client and us, the creatives. Our intelligent, intuitive and reflexive approach to understanding your needs, combined with years of local, and international market knowledge, sets us apart.


Quirky, innovative and with a real zest for life, our MadeYou Smile creatives will not only embrace your brand guidelines but will ‘get’ you and your company noticed like no other agency can, and work proactively with you to create fresh, exciting and super-engaging social content that will completely reenergize your brand – and without breaking the bank!


And, of course, it goes without saying we do the data too. We’ll work with your Google Analytics and social media data to manage your campaigns to make sure you are getting maximum exposure and the highest return on your investment.


So however you want us to soup-up your social – whether its working with your in-house team, or outsourcing it to us completely – get in touch today and find out how MadeYou Smile can, well – ahem! – make you smile!

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Our Values


We’re creative, feisty, and do things a little differently. We’ll listen to your needs and come up with dozens of new ways to help!


We’re up for facing any challenge! Our team has a broad and extremely flexible range of skills at your disposal. We’ll adapt to solve any situation you can throw at us.


We’re genuinely committed to your success. You’ll always be kept in the loop, and charged a fair price. Put your trust in us and we’ll always have your back.

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social media, digital media, social media marketing, digital marketing, graphic design, graphic artist, google ads, google adwords, google display

Social media for new businesses, starts ups and new enterprises

So you’ve set up your Facebook page for your business already, and maybe you’re on Instagram and LinkedIn too.


But – ohhhhh – coming up with fresh, relevant, results-generating content is not that easy after all and definitely not a quick and easy job if you want it done properly. You’ve got a million other things to do and you just don’t have the time, or frankly, the energy left to create the standard of social media posts that your business is screaming out for.


Or perhaps you know you need to promote your business or organization on Facebook, Insta or LinkedIn, but you just don’t know where to start.


For whatever reason, your social media is just not working for your business right now.


That’s where MadeYou Smile comes in because we also specialise at super-sparkly social media marketing for start ups or social newbies.


Our fab MadeYou Smile creatives won’t just come up with better social media content for you, they will work with you to identify what you need, when you need it and all within a budget that suits your bank balance. This includes:


+ Brainstorming to understand what you want your digital marketing to achieve for your business


+ Creating all your visuals for you – banners, graphics, animations, infographics, logos, photography etc.


+ Writing great copy for you – the right words to say what you want to say and in your unique tone of voice


+ Planning when and on what channels to post – across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter


+ Designing and managing Google Ads and Paid Search


+ Schedule all your social posts to be published at the right time to grab the attention of your existing – and future – customers


+ Monitor and record the impact your social media is having


+ Report back to you on how well your MadeYou Smile social media campaign is doing – the metrics


+ Maximise your return on investment













“A very professional and fun approach! A pleasure to work with!”

– Charmaine Cilia – CoseCasa



So go on, whether it’s all about starting from scratch, outsourcing some or all of your social, or giving your social a great big shot in the arm, whatever your social media needs just pick up the phone, email us or message us today for a chat and find out MadeYou Smile can rock your world!


Ready to have your world rocked?




consultancy, customer service, outsourcing, customer care, call centre, business development, team building