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BIZZBY was looking for a new contact centre outsourcing partner and you can find out more here. BIZZBY is a London-based home services based app business. Founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio, BIZZBY provides a fast and trustworthy matching service between time-poor consumers and...

Read about how James, Customer Happiness Team Leader, manages his team to deliver epic customer experiences on the Bizzby account.   I love working on the Bizzby account! We have such a great team and I love the fact we balance having a really fun time with delivering...

Establishing a multichannel contact centre in-house is expensive. It requires investment in facilities, equipment, technology and human resources. For many companies costs can be managed better – and customer satisfaction improved – by outsourcing. Read on to discover key reasons why it makes sense to turn...

For some the thought of contact centre outsourcing runs a shiver up and down their spines. That’s a bit of a strange response really; after all, do they service their own cars, generally not.

There are many benefits to contact centre outsourcing to Malta above many other international locations and here are just a few. These are the key points that any Head of Customer Operations or Chief Operating Officer will consider.
#1 - Cost benefit
Obviously the first thing that people think of when they’re contemplating off shoring their call centre is the cost benefit. You can chose to opt for India for example and the price is remarkably lower than the UK but that brings other issues.

We love Bizzby and Bizzby loves us! We provide contact centre support to Bizzby. They're an app that connects customers with professional  trades people to do whatever job they require. That’s anything from fitting a TV bracket to helping them unblock a toilet or even just...

The simple answer is experience!

You've already decided you need outsourcer for your contact centre operation and now you're on the hunt for the right partner. You probably have a tick list of technical and soft competencies that you need to be met to whittle your tender process. So what's left for you to be convinced about which one to choose?