MadeYou - Meet our highly experienced and talented Training Team
MadeYou is a training and development consultancy, offering a unique combination of skills, experience, and expertise which will blow your mind but not your budget. Our purpose is to share our expertise, improve people's lives and make businesses stronger, by helping you add value to your organisation.
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Here’s a bit of info about each of our amazing talent, management and leadership trainers / coaches.


Every training course, workshop or team building event is delivered with passion and energy. We deliver on what our what our clients need as outcomes and we always exceed expectations.


We’re passionate about how we can help people develop to their maximum potential.

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Luke Todd

Luke has a very strong background working for some of the world’s largest companies such as eBay and Aviva Insurance. His primary focus has been on Customer Services being responsible for contact centres with up to 1000 people.


Luke focuses on strategic development for a variety of clients whether it’s in talent development, customer experience and C-Level coaching. His approach for developing talent engages on a different level that brings about significant behavioural change to drive careers and business potential. He’s also a Certified Gallup CliftonStrengths Coach and uses a positive psychology approach to professionals’ development


As a trainer, Luke is passionate about developing training programmes and workshops that are practical application back in the real world. He’s never been a fan of PowerPoint and delegates always love the activity based and learning outcome focused courses.

You can contact Luke on 

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Kelly McSherry

Kelly’s professional background is varied to say the least. He’s worked with start-ups through to international financial institutions like City Group managing teams in mergers and acquisitions.


After returning to university as a mature student he qualified as a psychotherapist and then as a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). He moved into the charity sector holding a senior role responsible for multiple locations and over 400 staff. In March 2014 he moved permanently to Malta.


Today, Kelly is utterly passionate about how business can attract, retain and grow their talent. His energetic and focused approach to delivering training workshops makes learning outcomes guaranteed. Using his NLP based language skills he’s able to embed learning into delegates.

You can contact Kelly on

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Richard Powell

Richard’s passion for training and talent development started when he worked in Customer Services in the insurance and finance sectors.


His training history started when he was responsible for induction training cover communication, sales and process training. He’s worked with new entrants into sectors as well as seasoned managers.


He’s a strong advocate for creating well researched and developed training material to deliver great training outcomes. Over the years Richard has delivered many sales techniques and also coaching and leadership skills like the GROW model.


Richard also loves delivering Team Building events taking into account the business needs when designing them. He’s worked extensively with various charities and has often delivered key-note speeches.

You can contact Richard on

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