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Team Building

Epic Team-Building Days Your Team Will Love You for

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If you’re the type of person whose eyes glazed over when you read Team-building day…we don’t blame you! Usually they’re a distracting day out that doesn’t relate to your work. Worse still you just end up listening to someone droning on and clicking through endless PowerPoint slides!

That’s so much time and potential wasted, right? It’s a day designed to play games, eat food and get to know your co-workers! A well-constructed team day could focus your staff into a well-oiled machine, generate fabulous ideas, and set your Team on a better path for the future. But so many businesses struggle to really get anything out of them.

Which is why we’ll run them for you 😃

Tailor made experience for you and your business

MadeYou specialises in helping businesses grow into the best versions of themselves – and we have a lot of fun along the way. Our holistic approach to business is shaped from decades of experience in operations. We understand that the true strength of any organisation lies in the talent and commitment of the staff. A MadeYou team building day is entirely dedicated to what you need it to be and the outcomes you want. We’ll consider your business objective, team size, company culture and personal preferences to make a day that is truly unique to you.


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Our Team-building philosophy

Team days are an excellent opportunity to field new ideas and align the team’s goals with the company’s values. A key part of getting the best out of your team on the day is to have fun!

Any team building day worth its salt should accomplish two main functions, Improved Workplace Communication and Achieving a Business Objective. Every moment in the day should revolve around bringing your team together and making them feel appreciated, while sharpening their ideas into useable business decisions.

1) Improve workplace communications and social-bonds of teammates.

Team days allow your entire team, from manager to new hires, to talk to one another openly in a relaxed environment. By creating a channel for safe communication, everyone can address work issues and plan constructive ways forward.

Such as:

  • Suggestions on how to improve day-to-day workflow
  • Strengthening communication between management and workforce,
  • Resolving small office complaints (cleanliness, preferred noise level etc)
  • Appreciating the things which already make the office a good workplace, as well as talking about what could be improved, and what needs to stop.
  • Engaging team-members not just in their work, but in the business as a whole.
  • Learning more about each individual’s communication styles, and the best way to make the most out of working with one another.


2) Further and Achieve a business objective

Once everyone is relaxed and opened up (which we facilitate 😉), different activities get opinions and ideas for improving your team & organisation flowing like a river. When you contact us to organise the day, let us know what business objective you’d like to accomplish and we’ll tailor make the activities to achieve that goal.

Example of business objectives include:

  • Improved company strategy
  • Streamlining workflow
  • On-boarding new staff
  • Revising company values
  • Re-shuffling teams to maximise efficiency.


All of this is interwoven with fun and games in order to achieve your outcomes. The intention is to get your staff focusing on work without realising they’re focusing on work.

And the most important takeaway these team days is continuity. Take the suggestions and ideas generated throughout and apply them, keep the spirit of comradery you’ve built and take steps to maintain them.


“A colleague recommended MadeYou so we met with them and other potential providers. Once we’d decided to use MadeYou, the process of designing the day was clearly communicated and we had a great day! The Team had the chance to express themselves which allowed us to come up with some amazing ideas to push the business forward. Importantly for me as CEO, the Team had time to bond and have quality time together”
Martina Zammit – CEO & Co-Founder – VSquared Ltd


“MadeYou were highly recommended to me and we engaged them for a Team Building event and the feedback was excellent! They listened to what we needed as the business focus for the event and they brought it to life in a fun and safe environment. They’re a great team to work with – very professional and experience and bring infectious energy and enthusiasm.”
Federico Milanetti – Country HR Manager – Jackpot Joy


“We’ve been working with MadeYou for a few years now and we love them! They design Team Building events with business focus and lots of fun activities for everyone to get involved in. Their energy is infectious and I always get super positive feedback. I’ve recommended MadeYou to colleagues and we will be working with them again in the future.”
Marie Theobald – Chief HR Officer at Hero Gaming



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