Fabulous MadeYou Team Strategy Day 😄 - MadeYou
MadeYou is a training and development consultancy, offering a unique combination of skills, experience, and expertise which will blow your mind but not your budget. Our purpose is to share our expertise, improve people's lives and make businesses stronger, by helping you add value to your organisation.
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MadeYou Team Strategy Day 😄

MadeYou recently had went for a fabulous Team Strategy Day! We DO practice what we preach you know :wink:
The MadeYou team has grown so much over the past year, and we’re always delighted to spend quality time these excellent people.
Our team handled the day’s activities like champs, and managed to refine our already awesome team skills into something truly fantastic. The day was meant to refresh team values and have fun, and that’s exactly what we did :muscle:


A big shout out to the Royal Malta Golf Club for hosting us; and to our dear friend, the fabulous Mireille Pellegrini Petit, for helping us out! :heart: