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Spicing up 3PlexAero’s office with Gorgeous full-length wall art!

We LOVE getting a chance to do something different! So when the opportunity to do full sized wall-art for an aviation company rolled along… Well let’s just say we took off with a running start 😉

Here’s how we helped

3Plex Aero is an aviation asset management company situated in Gudja and operated by local experts. Turns out they’ve had an eye on our own wall art (#MarketingMonsters) for a while, and the CEO of 3Plex asked us to do something similar for their meeting room and reception room. They wanted to make their office space a bit more… uplifting 😜

3Plex has a fabulous office space – high ceilings, natural light and glass windows. With a lot of bare walls in desperate need of sprucing up, it was the perfect canvas for us to work our signature MadeYou magic!

Greg – one of our Design Team Leaders – worked directly with 3Plex Aero to design stickers that would represent the company’s mission and values, and most importantly, aviation. Greg’s an incredibly resourceful chap and one of his many skills is print media, so he was the natural choice for the job. Together with the CEO Ryan Cremona they designed some truly fantastic artwork. Take a look!


wall art

wall art

Guide us and We’ll do all the Hard Work

After a few back and forth discussions about the design (we wanted to get it just right) we jumped right into production. From measuring the office, crafting the images, to print and co-ordinating the final touches, Greg and the MadeYou creative team took care of everything. Working closely with the 3Plex Staff to make sure the final pieces suited them and their specifications.



“Extremely professional and hard-working, Greg and the MadeYou staff were great to partner with. They were very flexible and accommodated all the changes we asked for. I had been wanting something like this for awhile, and the result was far beyond what we had imagined.’’Ryan Cremona 3Plex Aero.

We look forward to any future work with 3Plex Aero 😃

Bring it to the Runway with MadeYou

In need of some wall art that’ll really take off? Contact Us! Artistic expression, a splash of colour, an inspirational quote, whatever you need – we can provide. Give us a call on +356 2703 5703, e-mail us at hello@madeyou.eu, or click here to fill out our contact form.