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What Hero Gaming required…

Hero Gaming had gone through a huge period of growth and with a new CEO coming into position they wanted to focus on business culture. Their C-Level understood the need to uncover the companies core values and purpose and roll these out to the whole business.

What we did…

After initial meetings with the Chief Human Resources Officer and CEO we agreed the following format to help set the business culture:


  1. 2 one day workshops with the C-Level to understand the core values of the business and it’s purpose.

  2. Following that a one day workshop with the extended leadership team to review and refine the output from the C-Level days. This helped get their buy-in from the outset of the whole project.

  3. MadeYou then attended the company’s summer event to run a workshop with the whole business (130 people) to roll-out the values.

  4. A full day with the managers to help them understand how they can incorporate the values into their day-to-day operations and help their team members live and breath the values in their work.

  5. 6 months later we held another workshop with the C-Level and extended leadership team to revisit their experiences. This helped them to talk about successes and challenges they’d experienced and to understand how to move forwards embracing the company culture and values.

tomas backman, ceo, hero gaming, tomas backman ceo hero gaming, igaming, online slotsWe engaged the services of MadeYou to help us understand the values and purpose of Hero Gaming. Working closely with the C-Level and Management team they helped us to uncover and decide upon our core values and how that informed our purpose as a business. Through the workshop process and ever since I have experienced a super positive change in the dynamics across the business that has resulted in Hero Gaming being an employer of choice for many candidates. The entire process working with Luke and Kelly has been professional, great fun and given us the outcomes we needed.

Tomas Backman – CEO at Hero Gaming

And the results…

We have an ongoing and very positive relationship with Hero Gaming. Since the workshops Tomas Backman, CEO, has cited:


  1. significantly improved communication across geographic locations

  2. cross-functional collaboration has improved and been enhanced

  3. employee branding has sky-rocketed and Hero Gaming seen as the place to work

  4. across the company everyone embracing the core values

  5. reduction in staff attrition

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And there’s more! If like what you see here, or have already benefitted from one of our MadeYou courses/workshops, click here for info about our fantastic culture, values and team-building workshops.